Scarlet Macaw

Journal Club: Scarlet macaw genome sequenced

Scarlet Macaw Tambopata Research Center by Grrlscientist 15 May 2013

SUMMARY: The newly-sequenced scarlet macaw genome will provide many important insights into avian and human biology, behaviours and genetics and will contribute to parrot conservation. Scarlet macaw, Ara macao, in flight. Image: Tambopata Research Center. [NOTE: This image has been altered; it has been cropped.]After many years of research into the behaviours, diseases, genetics and […]

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Cristalino Montage – Row 3

Thumbnail image for Cristalino Montage – Row 3 by Rich Hoyer 15 November 2011

This week reveals the identities of the photos from Row 3 in Rich Hoyer’s Cristalino Montage.

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Costa Rica in July

Thumbnail image for Costa Rica in July by Rich Hoyer 9 August 2011

Rich Hoyer is happy to be back and posting, and this time to share just a few photo highlights from the Costa Rica tour he just completed.

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wild Scarlet Macaw personalities

Thumbnail image for wild Scarlet Macaw personalities by DaleForbes 28 November 2010

Scarlet Macaws are really impressive – big, beautiful and raucous. And for three years my life revolved around them. Tough luck, hey? And there was not a moment in which I was not completely fascinated by them. I was working for a conservation organisation, called Associación Amigos de las Aves (now, The Ara Project) in […]

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Just like a blog, but with a whole bunch of friends!

Thumbnail image for Just like a blog, but with a whole bunch of friends! by DaleForbes 31 October 2010

Why I blog? Every now and again a blogger asks themselves, just why do I do this? The answer for me has always been clear. I really love nature and I love sharing my passion with people. The other reason is that blogging about what I see and experience gives me just another reason to […]

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