Sh*t birders say – for non birders

Thumbnail image for Sh*t birders say – for non birders by Gunnar 7 April 2012

Viral birding . There have been pretty amazing few days lately checking out how Jason Kessler’s short 3 min video about birding talk has gotten 40,000 views as I write this (10 days later).  I think the video could reach a far larger audience, so I have asked people if they would pass this on […]

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Bird and wildlife videos

Thumbnail image for Bird and wildlife videos by DaleForbes 5 February 2012

Sometimes when I have the time, I wander about on Youtube seeing what is out there; what people are seeing, what they are experiencing in our beautiful world, and what moves them. Instead of saying too much today, I thought I would just share a few videos that I have come across that made my […]

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