Long-whiskered Owlet

Long-whiskered Owlet. Xenoglaux loweryi. Photo: Rich Hoyer.

by Gunnar on December 29, 2010 · 2 comments

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Mythical Owl now easier to see than ever

This rare Owl discovered only in 1977 and until recently just not wanting to show to birders. This year there has been a virtual inflation of sightings. More people than ever have laid eyes on this minute and cute Owlet.
Having said that, I still have not seen it – in spite of four tries during 2010. Nevertheless, the experience of searching for it was my absolutely top birding experience of the year 2010.  I was very close to it when hearing it at close range – which of course also counts – by Scandinavian rules.

A few days ago there was a note on Birding Peru about yet another site – and this one seems very accessible – at Yambrasbamba between Pomacocha and Abra Patricia. Apparently, the site is next to the road.  Best to contact Noga Shanee of Neotropical Primate Conservation nogashanee@gmail.com if you want to visit.

An additional 3 sites are mentioned in this blogposts from my regular blog. 3 ways how to not see the Long-whiskered Owlet. It should be stressed that there have been several sightings from the comfortable Abra Patricia Lodge the last months – but it does involve a 1-2km long walk. As is now, I think most groups do well in visiting both the Yambrasbamba site, as well as either Abra Patricia or LSU trail – depending on your budget. There are certainly more options than ever to see this mythical owl.

Top photo: Long-whiskered Owlet by Rich Hoyer.

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