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Scarlet tanager.  Boy Scout Woods, High Island Texas. Photo. Dawn Fine

by dAwN FiNe on October 29, 2010 · 32 comments

in Birding North America

First, I want to say… Hello everyone! or, as you will see on all my future posts my signature  Howdee all,

What the heck am I doing here with all these famous, time proven birders, bird bloggers, writers, photographers?
These people can write…..I cant even spell.  Forget punctuation. I obviously don’t have much regard for it.…….…see those little periods?…..get used to them………they are my little pauses.  Run on sentences? I am a pro!
If you are a stickler for any of the above……then run fast..real fast!
Am I embarrassed about it?…sometimes, sort of,  but… not really. That’s me…I have other specialties..

You see…

I am a blogaholic and I am proud of it…Not a blogaholic in the normal sense, though, I do a fair amount of blogging……. My specialty is reading blogs. My favorites are Bird and nature blogs.

If you were to check out my blog site you would see a long blog roll, arraigned by area of the United States, Canada and other countries..…go check it out to see.

So…. if you looked you can see the name of my blog is Dawns Bloggy Blog. Not a very birdie name….I chose the name years ago when my husband retired. We sold our home, packed up our belongings and hit the road in our 40ft motor home called Homey.  We didn’t bird when I first started blogging.  My blog was a travelogue, a way of showing my family and friends what we were doing and seeing.  It wasn’t until a few years into the fulltime Rving  lifestyle that we started birding.  I then, started reading bird blogs and my blogroll grew and grew….and now my blogroll  is about ten feet longGoogle reader is my friend.  I spend every waking moment reading blogs.  Ok, maybe that’s not totally true…I spend almost every waking moment reading blogs. :)
So… when Gunnar approached me about blogging for his new venture, I decided I would be best at writing less, (Thank goodness, you say) and introducing you to some Bloggers and blog posts that I have enjoyed.
There are so may amazing Bird bloggers out there, amateur and professional.
I want to introduce you to some of my Bird blogging friends..and.. I want to make new friends…..and maybe, show off your birding blogs and photos as well.  So…. if I don’t follow your blog and you want to make my blog roll 100 feet long…..then send me a comment with your blog URL and I will be happy to read you.
Because as you know…

I am a Blogaholic and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Stay tuned ..Same time ..Same place….next week for my first Blog intro

Featured Bird Blogger of the week

Could it be you????

In the meantime, for your viewing and listening pleasure…
A video I took on High Island Texas during spring migration.

Happy Birding!

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You can read more about me here My interview with  Nature Blog Network.

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  • Out Walking the Dog

    Dawn., so glad you are blogging here as well at the Bloggy Blog. Can’t wait to see what you will write about. And what a gorgeous video. Hurrah for your new endeavor.

    • Dawn

      Howdee, Thanks so much for you kind comment! I appreciate you stopping by to check us out over here…See you in Cyberspace and Happy Birding!

  • Kelly

    …I’m all about the dots too, Dawn, so I totally get your writing. I look forward to your posts. Beautiful video of the Scarlet Tanager eating that berry!

    • Dawn

      Howdee Kelly, Glad you get my dots……………arent they beautiful and useful? Thanks for stopping by!

  • Anonymous

    Dawn, you are easily the best bird/nature blog promoter in the world! Best wishes in this new endeavor at which suits you perfectly!

    • Dawn

      Hey there…That is sooo nice of you to say! I really do enjoy promoting others…Thanks! and thanks for stopping by. Y,all come back now…ya hear.:)

  • Lisa Jester

    I love your writing style Dawn, casual and inviting!

    • Dawn

      Thanks so much! Make me smile…after all, writing does not come easy to me. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Pat Bumstead

    Dawn, that post is just you to a tee! Can’t wait to read what you come up with in the future – I know you’re full of surprises…

    • Dawn

      Thanks Pat..I am glad you could see me through all the……………..and the run ons…hee hee ..oh yeah, that is me…Thanks for stopping by!

  • Lvn600

    Should be fun to follow you over here. I use …’s and -’s also-no problem there. Love that tanager video!

    • Dawn

      I was wondering who Lvn was until I clicked on your link and it took me to a familiar place…Thanks Larry for coming by and checking out the new blog and bloggers here!

  • Janet Hug

    Hi, Dawn, I love the new blog. You take us to places most of us could never see and experience. Thanks for sharing your love of travel, birding and the beauty of nature through your blogging adventures.

    • Dawn

      Thanks for your very kind comment! Aww shucks..and all that..:) see you on Twitter!

  • BirdGalAlcatraz

    Hey, Dawn, very cool and a good post! This is going to be FUN!

    • Dawn

      Hey there Tweetie, Thanks for stopping by and commenting..See you on Twitter!

  • Eileen3600

    Hello Dawn, great post. I enjoy your blog and I loved the video of the Scarlet Tanager. What a beautiful bird. I am in good company with my run on sentences and the periods.

    • Dawn

      Howdee Eileen, Good to see I am not the only one has run on sentences and uses lots of dots… Thanks for stopping by to say hello! :)

  • soaringfalcon1

    Hey Dawn…congrats on your new expansion into the blogosphere! WE know what you are doing here…you are one of MY favorite bloggers and I’m glad they picked you to post on

    I am looking forward to reading more of your great posts! Happy Birding!

    • Dawn

      Thanks so much! It is also wonderful to see you at 10,000 birds! Congrats
      Something happened to my post. Cut short for some reason..will fix when I get back to my computer..come back and check it out later you can read the rest of the story;)

    • Dawn

      Howdee Larry, Come back and visit now..the rest of my post should be showing…and you will read the rest of the story.

  • BirdGalAlcatraz

    Fabulous, Dawn. The Scarlet Tanager was my spark bird as a kid. Love this!

  • Scott Winton

    Hi Dawn,

    I enjoyed your post. Take a peak at my blog here:

    It’s only five posts old and I haven’t written anything since fall migration dropped off and midterms began a couple weeks ago. But I would be honored if you would read it and leave a comment. Since you read many bird blogs and I’m a newbie feedback would be awesome as well, be it critical or silly.



    • Dawn

      Howdee Scott,
      Welcome to the world of Blogging..Keep it up when you can. Lots of bloggers take breaks. I will go check out your blog now…See you there..Happy Birding!

  • DebbieMiller@HooootOwl

    You really bring so many people together Dawn, Thank you for that. And … looks like those run on sentences …. dots … pauses are the new “blue” so to say and understood and used by many. Always enjoy you posts, follow your tweets … this is so you. Love the sweet Tanager vid.

  • Uma K

    Hi Dawn, I love the way you write! I went through your bloggy blog and especially enjoyed your photo captions! I do believe I’m going to enjoy reading your posts. How I wish I too could retire and travel around in a motor home…. may happen sometime, who knows :)
    Happy birding!


    • Dawn

      Thanks so much for the compliment Uma! I really don’t consider myself as much of a writer..I do love blogging though. I hope someday you are able to do the RV lifestyle…it is awesome!

    • Dawn

      Thanks so much for the compliment Uma! I really don’t consider myself as much of a writer..I do love blogging though. I hope someday you are able to do the RV lifestyle…it is awesome!

    • Dawn

      Thanks so much for the compliment Uma! I really don’t consider myself as much of a writer..I do love blogging though. I hope someday you are able to do the RV lifestyle…it is awesome!

  • Jan Axel Cubillas

    Hi Dawn, what are you doing is fantastic, you are indeed a very good blog promoter and gives Birding Blog a way to contact with the huge blogsphere out there!

    • Dawn

      Thanks so much for your kind comment. I love promoting bird bloggers…:)

    • Gunnar

      Yes, and we almost lost Dawn. She was uncertain whether to participate or not. But given her specific niche as birding blog detectective she has found her definite place her on We are very fortunate to have her.

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