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Spy gadget hummingbird camera Nano Drone

by Gunnar on February 19, 2011 · 1 comment

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How cool is this?

A miniature flying camera that looks like a hummingbird. Like a gadget sampled from a James Bond movie.  Imagine Q handing over this little bird to Bond in the opening scenes – and Bond later use the radio wired flying miniature bird that can sustain flights for 11 min, fly forward at 11 mph and even hover, both to spy on his enemies as well as peaking Tom, checking out the Bond-girls undressing. The tech company AiroVironment has developed the Drone for DARPA, the Pentagon’s research arm, but foresee that the gadget may also lead to privacy issues.
Check out the Nano Hummingbird in action in this video.

Read the rest of the story on TIME Technology.
Thanks to Sharon Weintraub and Deborah Jean Cohen for sharing on Facebook.

Top Photo: by AeroVironment, Inc from original Time article.

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  • JadaNoryse

    Now that is cool. I’m doing this a an English project. I’m going to get a A++! <333

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