Stunning Agami Heron

by Gunnar on January 31, 2011 · 3 comments

in Birding Neotropics

The most beautiful of the Neotropical Herons.

I got these stunning pictures from Rafael Cortes – a Mexican birder now based in Bogotá – Colombia. The pictures are taken by his son Luis Francisco.

76 km north of Montería, in north-west Colombia,  is San Antero (or possibly Sarandel?) from where one can hire a speed boat to Caño Grande. Transfering to small canoes one gets access to a small lagoon with an islet where some 50 Agami herons breed together with Boat-billed Heron and other herons between August to November.
A spectacular experience worthy filming by BBC Nature or Nat Geo. I particularly like the Punk Boat-billed Heron scaring the shit out of that intruding Agami! Like a huge Cockatoo! Too bad that photo is a bit out of focus.

Agami Heron 4- Luis Francisco Cortés-1

Agami Heron 3- Luis Francisco Cortés

Agami Heron 2 - Luis Francisco Cortés-1

Boat-billed Heron - Luis Francisco CortésThe ultimate Punk-Bird!

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  • Uma

    Beautiful heron! The boat-billed heron is a scream! Any more pics of it?

    • Gunnar Engblom

      Uma. Unfortunately the other one was even more out of focus. I was totally stunned when I saw this picture. I had no idea that the Boat-billed Heron could do that-in spite of seeing quite a few boat-bills over the years. In fact, had it not had it weird bill, Cockatoo-crested Heron would be a good name.

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