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Black-headed Nightengale-Thrush singing. Photo: Michael Woodruff

by Gunnar on January 24, 2011 · 4 comments

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Xeno-canto scoop!

We hope Xeno-canto – the serious world birder’s main resource to get mp3:s of the bird calls of the world – have their servers at full capacity, because they are bound to get some heavy traffic within the next 24 hours. The popular bird song data base has just been featured by TreeHugger – one of the most popular eco-sites in the world.  Treehugger.com has over 300.000 unique visitors per day – 1000 times more than Birdingblogs.  It will be a massive boast of traffic for xeno-canto. Congratulations.

Treehugger writes:

The Web site xeno-canto is a “community database of shared bird sounds from the whole world” — boasting around 67,000 calls and songs from a whopping 7147 birds, which amounts to an impressive 67.4 percent of all species on the planet.

Check out the rest of this article on Treehugger.com.

Top Photo: Black-headed Nightengale-Trush by Michael Woodruff.

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