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by DaleForbes on February 1, 2011 · 7 comments

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So the basic idea of the Birding Game is that you can go virtual birding, click on the bird silhouettes and be presented with a bird photo which you need to identify.

At the moment there are three locations:

Corpus Christi, Texas

Extremadura, Spain

Lake Neusiedl National Park, Austria

Little Owl hanging out in Extremadura, Spain

And you can choose to play at one of three levels:

Hiker (easier species, nice ID photos)

Birder (tougher species and/or tougher photos)

Top Birder (some toughies thrown in)

So far we have a good 11,000 photos to try reduce the chance that one gets repeat images and can just play the game from memory instead of through recognizing the species.

Now, thanks to Tom McKinney and Martin Garner, we now know that if you want to see birds you need to get your . off the chair and go look for them. This is for the people who are stuck in an office and would rather be guessing mystery birds and pretending to be in Spain than doing the monthly financials…

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