Featured Bird Blogger of the Week~ cancelled due to Scandal

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by dAwN FiNe on April 1, 2011 · 1 comment

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Howdee all,

Jeff and I have left the warmth of Florida and are now parked happily in my Sickstas driveway in North Carolina for a month. Its chilly here and I have put my shorts and sandals away until summer. I have filled my bird feeders , slathered some Bark Butter on a few tree trunks and put out some sugar water for the hummers. I look forward to the resident birds and the coming spring migrants. But..I suppose you don’t want to hear about this you want to know more about why…..

I am sad to say I can not continue with the….

~Featured Bird Blogger of the Week~

You see… there was a blog post written a few weeks ago outing me and others for things that, well…I am ashamed to talk about. I hope that I have not hurt anyone and I want to say I am sorry to Kim Kaufman for  my, ah….indiscretions…and since you will all find out anyway…and maybe you already know.

Here is the post that tells you what happened. I’m in the photo on the right in the post…with the smallish bill and the sunflower hat.

I was hoping to keep this all a secret…but now you know why I need scads of child support. I am trying to change my ways and have enrolled in Sexual addiction therapy classes.
All I have left to say is…

April fools!

Yeah…OK so…maybe I didn’t fool you….but I couldn’t pass up an April 1st without some sort of prank..

…Thanks Dale!

Anyway…part of this story is true…

I will not be continuing my Weekly featured Bird Blogger. Instead I will feature a blogger once a month, starting the first week in May.
I found that a weekly post took more time than I thought. Once a month will be much more manageable for me.

In the meantime….Hope you have a Wonderful April…and I will cyber see you in May for….

~Featured Bird Blogger of the Month~

Happy Birding!

All photos taken a few years back when we were much younger… are without permission from my Sickstas…

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