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by DaleForbes on February 5, 2012 · 3 comments

in Digiscoping & Bird Photography

Sometimes when I have the time, I wander about on Youtube seeing what is out there; what people are seeing, what they are experiencing in our beautiful world, and what moves them. Instead of saying too much today, I thought I would just share a few videos that I have come across that made my mouth water… enjoy! blogger – Alex Vargas – has a youtube channel that is always worth a visit. It was hard to only choose one video to share here, so go ahead and explore his channel for yourself:

Tropical Birding guide Sam Woods also has a crazy channel with tons of mouth-watering videos. I absolutely love wild cats, and this video (and his description) of a Clouded Leopard encounter just made my mouth water:

If you are in to raptors then you are going to have to put Batumi on your list of places to which to pilgrimage in this lifetime:

I promise that a Hooded Visorbearer is a bird. It even has a proper latin name (Augastes lumachella). Diego Calderon’s video of this fantastic hummingbird will help put a face to that crazy name:

This video of a Spoonbilled Sandpiper by phonescoper will make pretty much any wader lover (or birder) cry:


Hope you enjoyed them!

Happy birding,







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  • Don Gato

    Great post Dale!

    Thanks for sharing such a cool collection of interesting videos and specially thanks for the kind words regarding mine… I’m glad you like that fun part of what I do!


  • Jude

    I agree, Great Post.

  • Zathras

    Nice videos, cheers.
    I’ve been doing some myself using consumer high speed cameras, I think you will like them.

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