Quarter Finals in World Birding Destination Cup 2013

Black-and-Yellow Broadbill by Cede Prudente, Malaysian Borneo

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Second round results

Shockingly favorite seeded South Peru is out. It was a tough game against Borneo and for long time it was tied. A final push gave Borneo the victory. I guess Bornean Bristlehead, Broadbills, Hornbills and all the Pittas blew away Cock of the Rock, Hoatzin and Macaw-licks. Here are the results.

1. Borneo 54 vs Peru 41
2. Ecuador 64 Antarctica 31
3. Australia 61 Pantanal 34
4. New Guinea 78 South East Brazil 17
5. Costa Rica 58 Galapagos 37
6. North 59 Peru Alaska 36
7. Kenya 60 South Africa 35
8. Madagascar 64 Colombia 31

Quarter final.

Here are the contestants in the quarter-final by pairing winner of Game 1 with winner in Game 8.

1. Borneo vs Madagascar
2. Ecuador vs Kenya
3. Australia vs North Peru
4. New Guinea vs Costa Rica

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Just mark your favorites right here on the blog. Please vote in all games.

If you want to see videos from the destinations, check the previous post in this series 

The voting closes on Feb 19 at 8 PM EST (-5H GMT)

Here are some pics from BirdingBLogs archives and a few contributions elsewhere to help you remember which destination you like the most.

Bornean Banded Pitta by Susan Myers in 50 best birds of Asiapost. 

Helmeted Vanga by Paul French.

Helmeted Vanga by Paul French. Check more of Paul’s pictures from his trip report  from Madagascar, Reuniom and Mauritius.

Banded Ground Cuckoo by Roger Ahlman

Banded Ground-Cuckoo is found on the west slope of the Andes. Recently there is a stake-out for the bird at Ün Poco de Chcoó”. Photo: Roger Ahlman from the Birdingblogs post about Un Poco de Choco.

Crowned Crane by MUzina Shanghai (FLickr)

Crowned Crane by Muzina Shanghai (Flickr) (from Zoo). Common bird of the African Savanna in Kenya

Red-capped Parrot by Alex Vargas

Red-capped Parrot by Alex Vargas, Australia 2009. In the series of posts by Alex about Birds of West Australia

Marvelous Spatuletail Max Waugh

Marvelous Spatuletail from Pomacochas, Amazonas, Peru. Photo: Max Waugh (MaxWaugh.com). Posted in  the first post about World Birding Destination Cup 2013.

Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise Wikipedia Photo: Serhanoksay

Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise wikipedia Photo: Serhanoksay (Wikipedia).   This spectacular Bird of Paradise can be found  in Irian Jaya, New Guinea. Photo previously featured in last years World Bird Cup.

Resplendent Quetzal. Clay Taylor

The Resplendent Quetzal can be seen in hills through-out Central America to South Mexico. Yet, it is Costa Rica which has managed best to make it their bird.
Photo: Clay Taylor. Appeared on Birdingblogs in a reportage about Digiscoper Clay:

Top Photo: Black-and-Yellow Broadbill by Cede Prudente, Malaysian Borneo featured in the Birdingblog post about Cede in jan 2012.

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