World Birding Destination Cup 2013 2nd round.

Bateleur Eagle. By John Smith.

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First round results.

Here are the results from the first round where 32 birding destinations were paired. The seeding had previously been set from the survey on Facebook and was accounted for in the previous post.

Final scores with the winner in bold. 77 votes in total. Yes, it was a bit too many options to vote for and it made things complicated with the videos showing in the voting procedures. This has changed for the second round.

1. SE Peru 67 The Gambia 10
2. Ecuador 65 St Lawrence Isl, Alaska 12
3. Australia 63 Scotland 14
4. New Guinea 62 Guyana 15
5. Costa Rica 64 Veracruz, Mexico 13
6. North Peru 55 Rwanda 22
7. Kenya 65 Iceland 12
8. Madagascar 51 Philippines 26
9. Colombia 51 Ethiopia 26
10. South Africa 71 Bulgaria 6
11. Alaska 56 California 21
12. Galapagos 48 Magee Marsh/Point Pelee 29
13. Arizona 18 South East Brazil 59
14. Texas 22 Pantanal 55
15. Antarctica 48 Panama 29
16. Borneo 41 Thailand 36

The clearest win was that of South Africa against Bulgaria. That is why the Bateleur photo is in the head of this article.
The tightest match was that of Borneo vs Thailand. For a long time this game was a draw, but Borneo won in the end.

This leads up to the next round of 8 very exciting games where it will be very hard to choose.  The winner of Game 1 plays the winner of game 16 and so forth.
Click this link to vote: Second round World Birding Destination Cup 2013

It only takes 1 minute to vote. If you need to know more about the destinations you could check out the videos below.

These are many cases promotional videos, some better than others. Attentive birders will hear Tawny Owls and Red-tailed Hawks where there should not be any. Birdingblogs does not endorse the products or companies mentioned, but we are grateful that these videos are available on YouTube.
Have Fun!

1. South East Peru vs Borneo

2. Ecuador vs Antarctica

3. Australia vs Pantanal, Brazil

4. New Guinea vs South East Brazil

5. Costa Rica vs Galapagos

6. North Peru vs Alaska

7. Kenya vs South Africa

8. Madagascar vs Colombia

If you want to see all the videos in a stream, visit this YouTube stream I have put together.

Vote here:
Second round World Birding Destination Cup 2013

Voting ends Sunday night Jan 27 at 7 PM Eastern time. (EST) Have fun!

Top photo: Bateleur Eagle. By John Smith.


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