Ivory-billed Woodpecker is extinct.

Thumbnail image for Ivory-billed Woodpecker is extinct. by Gunnar 2 February 2012

Ivory-billed Woodpecker is extinct, say two teams of researchers Here is a very interesting article in Field of View, Birdwatching’s blog, about two recent publications regarding the continued exististance of Ivory-billed Woodpecker.  The two parties came to the same conclusion: Ivory-billed Woodpecker is extinct. Here are some excerpts from the article. The first team, led […]

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The Bird World Cup Winner

Thumbnail image for The Bird World Cup Winner by Gunnar 29 January 2012

The winner is…. It is usually straight forward to pick a winner in a voting game. The participant that gets most votes wins. This is a little more complex. Presenting the results from the final of this contest which has been running since the beginning of December 2011 is long overdue. Things got a bit […]

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World Bird Cup – Final!!

Thumbnail image for World Bird Cup – Final!! by Gunnar 2 January 2012

Surprise Semifinal It was a total surprise that Philippine Eagle would be able to resist the popular Spoon-billed Sandpiper. It could be that the Spoonie supporters were to busy celebrating Christmas and New Year, and simply did not have time to vote.  I checked the results at midnight on the 31st of December, 2011 and […]

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Semifinals Bird World Cup

Thumbnail image for Semifinals Bird World Cup by Gunnar 25 December 2011

Semifinals in the Bird World Cup. Wilson’s bird of Paradise did not make it. It was a very close game. Instead it is Spoon-billed Sandpiper against Philippine Eagle and Marvelous Spatuletail verses Harpy Eagle. Can small and peculiar win against giants? What do you think?

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Santa explained

Thumbnail image for Santa explained by Gunnar 22 December 2011

Santa has no time to rest Santa has 31 hours of Christmas to work with due to the different time zones and the rotation of the earth, providing he travels from East to West. He has to deal with 1800 household visits per second. Birdingblogs own GrrlScientist writes today in the Guardian: How does Santa […]

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Quarter finals. World Bird Cup

Thumbnail image for Quarter finals. World Bird Cup by Gunnar 18 December 2011

Past Games. It was tough, wasn’t it? How can one choose, when they all are good birds.  And why was your favorite missing? It didn’t make through the Facebook filter last week.  Yet, here we are with 8 matches played and entering the quarterfinals. You can check the results from round 2 by clicking on […]

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The Ultimate Bird.

Thumbnail image for The Ultimate Bird. by Gunnar 11 December 2011

Second round of Ultimate bird of the world. Choose 8 birds from these 8 pairs. Spoon-billed Sandpiper vs Ibisbill, Marvelous Spatuletail vs Long-whiskered Owlet, Harpy Eagle vs Blue Bird of Paradise, Resplendent Quetzal vs Philippine Eagle, Shoebill vs Inca Tern, Snowy Owl vs Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise, Kakapo vs Emperor Penguin and Wandering Albatross vs Ivory Gull. Difficult huh?

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Bogota Sunangel Discovered?

Thumbnail image for Bogota Sunangel Discovered? by Gunnar 10 December 2011

This past week some exciting news from Colombia leaked. Six photos were published on Internet Birding Collection claiming to be the Bogota Sunangel. I for one, suspected that this was a leak, and downloaded the pics immediately to have as reference.  Shortly afterwards they were pulled off the page. A lot of speculation started on […]

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The Biggest Day.

Thumbnail image for The Biggest Day. by Gunnar 9 December 2011

Tribute to Ted Parker. It is soon 30 years since legendary neotropical superbirder Ted Parker set the amazing record of 331 species in 24h at Cocha Cashu together with Scott Robinson. The year was 1982. Scott has later told me that they had around 300 species already by 11 AM, and that they from then […]

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The best bird of the world

Thumbnail image for The best bird of the world by Gunnar 4 December 2011

Which is the one bird that every birder should aim to see before it is time to leave this life? In Huffington Post there was recently a vote for what place on Earth to see before you die. Not surprisingly, Machu Picchu in Peru was number one.  It made me wonder. If you asked the […]

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Get Angry – Fight Extinction!

Thumbnail image for Get Angry – Fight Extinction! by Gunnar 2 December 2011

With Birdlife International and Angry Birds Like everyone else, you probably have played Angry Birds on your iPhone, iPad, Android or recently on Chrome web-browser. It is the fad of the decade.  Now Angry Birds are really Angry when they support BirdLife International in special online Chrome version of the game, where there is information […]

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Stunning Peru bird photography

Thumbnail image for Stunning Peru bird photography by Gunnar 30 November 2011

Photographing birds in Peru. Once in a while you come across bird photography that is so jaw-dropping that you simply want to throw your camera to the floor in dispair and scream “I need a new camera with a longer lens, more megapixels and a flash as strong as sunlight”.  Then  you buy a new […]

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Inca Tern – eyegasm

Thumbnail image for Inca Tern – eyegasm by Gunnar 29 October 2011

The world’s most beautiful Tern Young Peruvian bird photographer Alfredo Fernandez is keen as keen, always chatting with me about birds on Facebook.  I was not surprised that he shared yet a couple of more Flickr albums with me. I totally melted with his Inca Terns. And then he said, let me know if you […]

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20 Bird Minimum Daily Requirement

Thumbnail image for 20 Bird Minimum Daily Requirement by Gunnar 24 October 2011

Birdchaser Rob Fergus has come up with a brilliant concept that actually works almost everywhere. As a birder you know you feel good when you bird. But not every day is a complete birding day, as it is not practical. You have to work  or study.  Yes,  your life is full of obligations. But what […]

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Happy Birthday Birdingblogs

Thumbnail image for Happy Birthday Birdingblogs by Gunnar 20 October 2011

Birdingblogs started on Oct 20, 2010 as a joint effort between a number of bird bloggers. We can only conclude that it has been very successful for everyone involved. One year later Birdingblogs has positioned itself around position five or six on NatureblogNetwork and has Google Page Rank 4. All very well for a new […]

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The Big Year interviews

Thumbnail image for The Big Year interviews by Gunnar 5 October 2011

Interviews with Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black on the make of The Big Year It is a bit comforting to know that in these interviews none of the actors, although completely new to birding, mocks it. Yes, they do find it a bit odd and an obsession, yet they rave about the scenery […]

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More Big Year trailers

Thumbnail image for More Big Year  trailers by Gunnar 30 September 2011

John Cleese tells us the story about birding. We have covered a few bits and pieces on the upcoming birding movie with Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson here and here and an interview with Steve Martin here.  Here are a couple of new video clips. Some may not show in your region. There are […]

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The future of birding

Thumbnail image for The future of birding by Gunnar 29 September 2011

What is the future of birding. Are big days or big years really that interesting to people in general? Can birding really become main stream, and will listing be interesting enough for masses of people? Did you ever wonder why there are more hunters in the world than birders? Why are there more people interested in fishing than in birding? For all I know, there are probably even more stamp-collectors than birders.

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Four birds – that hurts

Thumbnail image for Four birds – that hurts by Gunnar 21 September 2011

Tristan Reid aka as Binocularface is doing a painful quest. He is raising money for bird conservation in Turkey, while adding 20 tattoos of Turkish birds to his arms. So far he has raised £1,420.00. The goal is to raise £10, 000. Check out the first 4 bird tattoos. Aren’t they something?

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Big Year trailer is out

Thumbnail image for Big Year trailer is out by Gunnar 7 September 2011

Will birding be mainstream now? – or will birder be regarded as even more introvert and crazy after this? Finally, the trailer from the much awaited – in birder circles – movie based on Mark Obmascik’s book The Big Year (aff link to Kindle version) about three obsessed birders who independently decide to do a […]

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