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by Gunnar on November 11, 2010 · 7 comments

For Immediate Release: immediate success

Lima, Peru, November 11, 2010 – A new multi-author blog platform for birders was launched just three weeks ago: – Fabulous bloggers…and Me! – and already has become one of the world’s top 10 blogs for birders.

The founder, Gunnar Engblom of Kolibri Expeditions, explains:   A single very good blogger can not get the traffic he or she deserves without posting daily, and preferably several times per day. However, the content becomes less interesting if you post that often. The solution for me was to form a multi-author blog – and inviting BirdingBloggers I admired. consists of Kenn Kaufman, Rich Hoyer and Dawn Fine from the US, Rebecca Nason, Martin Garner and Tom McKinney from the UK, György Szimuly from Hungary, Dale Forbes from Austria, Susan Myers from Australia, and Gunnar Engblom in Peru.  Most of these bloggers travel widely, so there will be reportages not only from the countries where they live but from all around the world.

Dale Forbes, product manager for Swarowski, chips in: There is a great group of very interesting writers and people and I saw the opportunity to create something really really great: tons of interesting stuff about birds and the chance to do something good for conservation in the mid-term. I am not much of a writer, but if we can do our little part to support the appreciation of our earth then I will be more than happy.

Gunnar continues: I took a chance inviting more well known and experienced birders and bloggers than myself. The funny thing is that everyone responded similarly: Fabulous bloggers – and Me!

Rich Hoyer, tour guide for Wings Inc., adds: BirdingBlogs I would describe as having a multiple disorder personality, but one so bizarre and complex that it can’t help but elicit an irresistible rubbernecking behavior from the blog-reading world.

Kenn Kaufman, a writer and birder in the US, also comments: It’s a great experience to get to work with all these talented people.  I think we all inspire each other to do our best.  I can’t wait to look at BirdingBlogs every morning to see the latest entries.

The team will be expanded with yet a few more bloggers from other parts of the world.

The tagline Fabulous bloggers – and Me! is also an invitation to guest-writers within the birdblogging community. is a social experience. Apart from the website you can also now find on Facebook and Twitter. Like and Follow us!

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